Tulica Fine Arts
About Us
About Tulica-
Tulica Fine Arts is an Art Foundation for youth and upcoming artists. It is started with the purpose of providing an Enriched and meaningful platform to young Artists. Experienced Artists and well known personalities are also associated and heartily welcomed to share their golden memories and experiences.

This Visual Art Group is created by Bharti Saxena , Sidharth Basu, Mohan Goswami, Jaya Bhagwanani and Aakash Patel Artists who are known for her Devotional, Inspirational and Passionate paintings and sculptures. It is created primarily for Aesthetic purposes and to spread beauty and meaningfulness in everyone’s life. This group promotes various art forms through Painting, Sculptures, Drawing, Watercolour Graphics and Architecture.

This Art group is always open and happy to associate with the ideas and creations of everyone so you are all invited here to be a part of this everlasting but beautiful journey.

Bharti Saxena, Sidharth Basu, Mohan Goswami, Jaya Bhagwanani, Aakash Patel, Rashmi Sundrani, Vivek Solanki, Anupam Biswas, R. K. Dixit and Ashish Saxena

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